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Day Care Dumped

Mar 15, 2010

Photo (cc) 2010 Courtney Gross More than 40 parents crowded the back room of Strong Place Day Care Center in Brooklyn. Their anger -- and fears -- were in stark contrast


Bloomberg on Poverty: A War or Small Skirmishes?

Oct 23, 2009

Photo (cc) PhillipC Mayor Bloomberg has widened the criteria to define poverty in New York. Under the new calculations, the number of New Yorkers living in poverty increased from 18.9 to


City Faces a Rising Demand for Food Stamps

Apr 06, 2009

Photo (cc) clementine gallot A deli in South Williamsburg As jobs disappear and bank accounts dwindle, more and more New Yorkers are relying on food stamps to put a meal on the


A City's New Poverty Guidelines

Oct 14, 2008

Photo (cc) Elijah Nouvelage Just as some of New York's best-paid workers began streaming from humbled investment banks, City Hall made an announcement regarding people at the other end of the


Meeting the Gray Wave

Sep 08, 2008

Photo (c) Daylife Seniors playing Chinese Chess at a senior center in Chinatown While rest of Lower Manhattan grumbled through a Monday, the basement of 100 Gold Street was hopping. In one


When Foster Children Become Pregnant

Aug 07, 2008

(Adapted from Child Welfare Watch Vol. 16) Correction: This article originally stated incorrectly that in order to participate in the Nurse-Family Partnership, teens must sign up by their third month of


Keeping Former Prisoners Out of Prison

Jun 18, 2008

Photo courtesy of Rob Salmon People come to Damon Moore every day needing a lot of things - a job, help staying sober, a decent apartment. But mainly, they need help