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Jun 12, 2006

The death of seven-year old Nixzmary Brown in January, allegedly at the hands of her stepfather, caused the city to re-examine the way it provides children's services, particularly how it

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Keeping Welfare Recipients Out of College

Feb 10, 2003

As recently as seven years ago, a college education provided one of the fastest and surest routes out of poverty. Welfare recipients, such as the thousands who attended City University

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Albany Matters In Social Services

Jul 01, 2002

 New York State's constitution requires it to support its neediest residents. New York State also puts one of the largest financial burdens in the nation upon its local governments, who

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AIDS At 20: Frontline STD Clinics

Jun 01, 2001

 Martin Algaze knows that, twenty years after acquired immune deficiency syndrome was first identified, many New Yorkers have relaxed about it. "We know there's been a 'complacency effect' setting in

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Foster Children Still at Risk?

May 01, 2001

Public Advocate Mark Green, a Democratic candidate for mayor, released a report this month concluding that "foster care remains a dangerous or losing proposition for too many children" in New

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Election Special-The Missing Social Service Issues

Nov 01, 2000

 (Oct-Nov '00) A few dozen people gathered on the steps of City Hall recently to speak out against the current welfare policy that discourages and denies education and vocational

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Hunger In New York

Sep 01, 2000

 The food pantry opens early in the morning at the church, because they don't want a line to form. "Would you want to stand outside an emergency food program in your

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Private Child Welfare Agenices

Dec 01, 1999

A panel appointed by Federal District Court judge Robert J. Ward to advise the Administration for Children's Services issued a report in October recommending that the City tighten its supervision

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