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District Legislator Email
State Assembly 22 Grace Meng mengg@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 23 Audrey I Pheffer pheffea@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 24 David I Weprin weprind@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 25 Rory I Lancman lancmanr@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 26 Ed Braunstein braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 27 Nettie Mayersohn mayersn@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 28 Andrew Hevesi hevesia@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 29 William Scarborough scarbow@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 30 Margaret M Markey markeym@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 31 Michele R Titus titusm@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 32 Vivian E. Cook cookv@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 33 Barbara M Clark
State Assembly 34 Michael G. DenDekker dendekkerm@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 35 Jeffrion L Aubry aubryj@ assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 36 Michael N Gianaris gianaris@nysenate.gov
State Assembly 37 Catherine T Nolan nolanc@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 38 Michael Miller millermg@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 39 Francisco P Moya
State Assembly 40 Inez D. Barron barroni@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 41 Helene E Weinstein weinsth@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 42 Rhoda S Jacobs jacobsr@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 43 Karim Camara camarak@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 44 James F Brennan brennaj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 45 Steven Cymbrowitz cymbros@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 46 Alec Brook-Krasny brookkrasnya@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 47 William Colton coltonw@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 48 Dov Hikind hikindd@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 49 Peter J Abbate Jr. abbatep@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 50 Joseph R Lentol lentolj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 51 Felix W Ortiz ortizf@ assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 52 Joan Millman millmaj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 53 Vito Lopez lopezv@ assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 54 Darryl Towns townsd@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 55 William Boyland boylandw@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 56 Annette M. Robinson robinsona@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 57 Hakeem Jeffries jeffriesh@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 58 N. Nick Perry perryn@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 59 Alan Maisel maisela@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 60 Nicole Malliotakis malliotakisn@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 61 Matthew Titone titonem@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 62 Louis Tobacco tobaccol@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 63 Michael Cusick
State Assembly 64 Sheldon Silver speaker@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 65 Micah Kellner kellnerm@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 66 Deborah Glick glickd@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 67 Linda Rosenthal rosentl@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 68 Robert Rodriguez rodriguezrj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 69 Daniel J. O'Donnell odonnelld@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 70 Keith L T. Wright wrightk@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 71 Herman D Farrell farrelh@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 72 Guillermo Linares linaresg@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 73 Jonathan Bing bingj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 74 Brian P Kavanagh kavanaghb@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 75 Richard Gottfried gottfriedr@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 76 Peter Rivera riverap@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 77 Vanessa Gibson
State Assembly 78 Jose Rivera riveraj@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 79 Michael Benjamin benjamm@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 80 Naomi Rivera riveran@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 81 Jeffrey Dinowitz dinowij@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 82 Michael R Benedetto benedem@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 83 Carl Heastie heastiec@assembly.state.ny.us
State Assembly 84 Carmen E. Arroyo
State Assembly 85 Marcos A Crespo
State Assembly 86 Nelson Castro castronl@assembly.state.ny.us
State Senate 10 Shirley Huntley shuntley@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 11 Tony Avella avella@nysenate.gov
State Senate 12 Michael N Gianaris gianaris@nysenate.gov
State Senate 13 Jose Peralta Jr jperalta@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 14 Malcolm Smith masmith@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 15 Joseph Addabbo Jr. addabbo@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 16 Toby Ann Stavisky stavisky@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 17 Martin Malave Dilan dilan@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 18 Velmanette Montgomery montgome@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 19 John L Sampson sampson@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 20 Eric Adams eadams@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 21 Kevin Parker parker@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 22 Martin Golden golden@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 23 Diane Savino savino@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 24 Andrew Lanza lanza@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 25 Daniel Squadron squadron@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 26 Liz Krueger lkrueger@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 27 Carl Kruger kruger@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 28 Jose M. Serrano serrano@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 29 Thomas K Duane duane@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 30 Bill Perkins perkins@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 31 Eric Schneiderman schneiderman@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 32 Ruben Diaz Sr. diaz@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 33 J. Gustavo Rivera grivera@nysenate.gov
State Senate 34 Jeffrey Klein jdklein@senate.state.ny.us
State Senate 36 Ruth Hassell-Thompson hassellt@senate.state.ny.us
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