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De Blasio Holds Major Lead According to Polls

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The polls have held nothing but good news for Bill de Blasio this week as the mayoral campaign heads into the final stretch to the primary. A New York Times, Siena College Poll found de Blasio leading the race by 32 percent followed by Bill Thompson with 18 percent and former frontrunner Council Speaker Christine Quinn with 17 percent. The poll found de Blasio leading other candidates among men, women young and old as well as those who think the city is headed in a positive direction and those who think it is headed in a negative direction. The poll does not hold good news for Quinn as it finds that 45 percent of likely Democratic voters view her unfavorably. De Blasio and Thompson have 17 and 16 percent unfavorability ratings, respectively. A Quinnipiac Poll released on Wednesday found de Blasio with a 38 percent lead over his opponents.

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Legislators Pledge to Pass De Blasio's Tax Plan For School Programs

Public Advocate Bill de Blaso's plan to tax the wealthy to pay for pre kindergarten and afterschool programs has come under attack by his opponents in the mayoral race, espeicially by Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The plan has also been questioned by editorial boards--including The New York Times'. But a group of legislators came forward today to support de Blasio's plan. They sent a letter to Quinn pledging that they will work to pass the tax hike in Albany and also scolding Quinn for criticizing some of de Blasio's talking points.

De Blasio's and his plans have been targeted by his opponents has he has surged in the polls. A recent Quinnipiac Poll found de Blasio at 36 percent--close to the range of support he would need to avoid a runoff.

The letter signed by Sens. Liz Krueger, Bill Perkins, James Sanders and Assemblymember Luis Sepulveda. It is worth noting that the three Senators are in the minority in their chamber and have no control of whether the bill comes to a vote.

Here is the letter:

Dear Speaker Quinn,

We are disappointed to hear your criticism of Bill de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes on those making more than $500,000 in order to fund universal pre-k for New York City’s four-year olds and expanded after-school seats for all middle school students who want and need them.

New York City deserves a leader who has the bold vision we need to help our children succeed, and secure New York City's future. We cannot continue this Tale of Two Cities that right now threatens to leave a generation of our children behind. Over the past five years, New York City has lost over 30,000 after-school seats.[1] In addition, since 2011 more than 26,000 pre-k applicants have been denied admission to Department of Education Pre-K. [2]

New Yorkers don’t need another pilot program or stopgap solution that only solidifies the status quo, and they surely do not need to take on additional household debt in order provide their children a head start in life. Now is not the time for small ideas.

We need leadership that is not afraid to push for bold ideas for our city’s children and future. If this means fighting in Albany for New York City's right to increase taxes on the wealthy, we are eager for that challenge. And as history shows, it's a challenge that is certainly achievable. Each of the past three mayors have fought for and won personal income tax increases to address critical challenges facing our city.

As members of the New York State Legislature, we all stand ready to proudly sponsor Bill de Blasio’s plan to raise the city income tax on those making more than $500,000 – and we are confident Albany will pass it. We hope you will join us in fighting for a bold solution that can actually begin to address the crisis in our public education system.


State Senator Liz Krueger

State Senator Bill Perkins

State Senator James Sanders, Jr.

State Assemblymember Luis Sepulveda

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Today's Lead Story: Rebuilding After Sandy

A federal task force created by President Obama following Hurricane Sandy is expected to unveil its recommendations today for how to rebuild critical infrastructure damaged by the storm consistent with the need to prepare for future storms. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is joining Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan at a news conference to unveil the recommendations this morning. During his weekly radio address yesterday, Bloomberg spoke about how the city is working to make the waterfront "stronger and more resilient" — from sand replenishment in the Rockaways to the creation of an institute to study urban ecosystems in an era of climate change. For more coverage throughout the day, go to AdaptNY: Your Voice In New York's Climate Change adaptation debate.

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Today's Lead: De Blasio Jumps To First Place In Poll

A new Quinnipiac poll finds Bill de Blasio leading the pack of mayoral candidates in the Democratic primary, with 30 percent of likely voters supporting him. Christine Quinn dropped to second with 24 percent. The poll also found him winning in a runoff election against Quinn, which is called if no candidate wins over 40 percent of the vote. De Blasio began advertising on television last week, but his popularity may be due to his stance on stop-and-frisk. He's also the only candidate to support a tax increase on the wealthy. Despite the poll, it was Quinn who took the most attacks in the mayoral debate last night. After all, a third of those polled said they may change their minds.

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Tenants PAC Endorses De Blasio, Never Considered Weiner

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has won the endorsement of the Tenants Political Action Committee in the city's Democratic primary. The PAC says it was impressed by Sal Albanese, Bill Thompson, John Liu and Christine Quinn but decided to go with De Blasio.

Bill de Blasio gets our endorsement for his commitment (in his words) to “re-set the agenda” for a genuine progressive city government, to “de-program the Bloomberg years”; for his opposition to privatization and to government as a handmaiden to private profit takers; for his support for mandatory inclusionary zoning requiring developers to include affordable apartments in all new buildings; and for addressing the economic inequality that is driving more New Yorkers into hardship and poverty.

Anthony Weiner was not among the candidates interviewed by the PAC because he did not submit a questionaire. However, the PAC notes:

in any case would not consider him for an endorsement because of his 1994 vote in the City Council to phase out rent protection laws.

A major part of the PAC's endorsements was based on whether candidates took donations from the "Jobs For New York PAC," which Tenants PAC calls a "real estate front group."

The PAC also announced endorsements for public advocate, Manhattan Borough President, Queens Borough President and City Council races.

Tish James, Gale Brewer and Tony Avella recieved nods for public advocate and Queens and Manhattan borough presidents.

Jason Otaño received the nod to fill the Assembly seat vacated by Vito Lopez. Antonio Reynoso recieved the PAC's nod in his race against Lopez in the 34th City Council District.

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