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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to offer express service from Penn Station to the Hamptons on Friday nights this summer and express return service on Sunday evenings.

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It should be a nice convenience for those who want to make a quick getaway for the weekend. But for Council Member Letitia James, it is a reminder that the MTA hasn't always responded to the needs of all of the neighborhoods it serves.

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"The problem is there are more of us who remain in the five boroughs than who go to the Hamptons," Tisch, who is running for public advocate, told the Gazette. "I've asking increased service on the G line for four years as well as increased bus service. The people who go to school and work deserve the same attention as those who go to the Hamptons. The fact that they provided this service to individuals going to the Hamptons show their priorities."

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Tisch says she is considering creating a petition on to ask the MTA to increase service in the outer boroughs.

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James' office also released this statement:

At a time when rising fares are harming working families in New York, the MTA is exploring ways to make Hamptons travel easier. I find this to be Exhibit A in the case of the MTA’s misguided priorities. I’ve advocated for controlling fares and preserving services for subway riders. That’s the kind of focus we must maintain so the MTA can serve middle class and working people. To be clear, the Hamptons are a wonderful place; getting people there shouldn’t be the MTA’s main focus at this time.

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