affidavit Tag All blog entries tagged as affidavit Thu, 03 Apr 2014 17:36:44 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Headlines: Polling Site Mess; Nearly 1M Still Without Power Yesterday’s election saw long lines, jammed ballot scanners and shortages of affidavit ballots. Few voters used shuttle buses to get to substitute polling sites. Scanners were broken at polling sites in Gramercy Park and Park Slope. Two of three emergency sites in Coney Island opened over two hours late. Some poll workers at sites had no idea that people could vote using affidavit ballots, and the city printed up only 250 per election district. According to unofficial results, the state Senate is now tied, but thousands of absentee ballots still need to be counted in very close races. Even if the Democrats win a majority, a number of Democrats say they'll back Republican leadership. Meanwhile, embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez won re-election with 89 percent of the vote despite the scandal swirling around him.

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In the Press...

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Nearly a Million Still Without Power in Region (Wall Street Journal)

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Con Ed Rate Increases to Follow Sandy’s Massive Cleanup (NY Post)

Officials Brace as Second Storm Threatens Region (NY Times)

Fare-Hike Hearings Back on Track (Daily News)

L and G Train Riders Left Behind in Revival of the Subway System (NY Times)

Sandy Caused as Much Erosion on Fire Island as the Past 30 Years (Wall Street Journal)

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