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Hypothermia, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on the Rise

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Following Hurricane Sandy the City has seen a rise in carbon monoxide poisoning and hypothermia cases due to city residents living in unheated homes, or simply living on the street. The New York Times reports that the number of cold-exposure cases tripled after Sandy as compared to the same time frame last year. The City Health Department issued a letter warning doctors and health care providers of the issue. Carbon monoxide poisoning was 10-times higher the week of Hurricane Sandy and continued at an elevated rate due to people heating their homes with unsafe alternative methods. The findings seem to give further weight to recent pleas from advocates for the city to deploy temporary housing in areas hard-hit by Sandy.

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In the Press...

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Bloomberg Lobbies Washington For Storm Aid (NY Times)

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Cuomo, Christie Issue Joint Request For Relief Funds (Albany Times Union)

Flood Insurance Costs to Rise (NY Times)

Details on Proposed NY Senate Coalition (Albany Times Union)

Hotel Rooms For Sandy Victims Sitting Vacant (Wall Street Journal)

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Manhattan Fast Food Strike (Crain's)

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Headlines: Mixed Results for Republican Backers of Same-Sex Marriage

Mixed Results For GOP Backers of Gay Marriage

Two of the races involving State Senate Republicans who voted for sam-sex marriage that were too close to call on election night look like they are close to being resolved. After a recount Hudson Valley Sen. Steve Saland looks to have defeated his opponent Neil Di Carlo by 107 votes. Meanwhile, Sen. Roy McDonald of Saratoga appears to have lost his primary to Kathleen Marchione by a narrow margin. Sen. Mark Grisanti, another Republican support of same-sex marraige won a clear victory on election night while his colleague Sen. Jim Alessi chose not to seek reelection. Both sides of the debate over gay marriage are claiming victory despite the clearly mixed results.

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