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Testimony began today on a class-action suit against an NYPD program that allows police to stop-and-frisk anyone in the halls and stairwells of private buildings enrolled in the 20-year-old Clean Halls program, which gives them permission to do so. The New York Civil Liberties Union and six black or Latino plaintiffs from the Bronx say the stops are unconstitutional and unwarranted. They claim the police have unlawfully stopped more than 1,000 minority residents for trespassing in those buildings. The Bronx District Attorney’s office has been tossing arrests made under the program unless the arresting officer was interviewed. Meanwhile, the department issued a directiveordering cops to document when an assistant DA refuses to take a case so it can be reported to and tracked by the legal bureau.

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In the Press...

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Attack Ads by Outside Groups With Murky Ties Shape Three Senate Races (NY Times)

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Cuomo: Legislature Pay Hike, Other Deals Brewing (Albany Times Union)

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NY Ethics Board Eyes Maverick's Notes (Albany Times Union)

City Comptroller Urges Workers to Claim Unpaid Wages (Daily News)

Barclays Neighbors Say 311 Brushing Aside Complaints (NY Post)

City’s Circumcision Regulations Delayed (Wall Street Journal)

Politicians Wonder How Many NYPD Beatings Aren't Caught on Tape (Village Voice)

The Death of Hybrid Taxis in New York (Capital)

Fiscal Woes, Long-Held Fears Spur Waste-to-Energy Debate (City Limits)

Did the Sanitation Department Trash a Cost-Saving Garbage Solution? (NY World)

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