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Buildings Department inspectors this year gained access to suspected illegal conversions less than half the time - a rate similar to that of previous years. And the department’s response time to nonemergency complaints, including illegal apartments, actually got worse. Last year Mayor Bloomberg had committed to cracking down on illegal apartment conversions after two fatal fires. The administration counters that it has increased its focus on the highest risk locations.

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Board of Elections opts for ‘incomplete’ in Mayor’s Management Report

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Botched response, lies found in Port Authority response to JFK terror scare

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Speaker Silver's male staffer defended boss online as 'female' supporter

More access to contraceptives in city schools

Neighborhood expresses concerns over Flushing Meadow soccer stadium

Big business worries over 2013 options

New initiative gets private hospitals to offer healthier vending options

Teachers start year under heightened scrutiny

New transfer at 6 Train Bleecker Street station

Board approves future taxi fleet

Help Point high-tech intercoms being installed in stations

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