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Forecasters are expecting "Frankenstorm" will hit the East Coast early next week. The storm earned the title because it appears hurricane Sandy will combine with a winter storm to create dangerous weather for New York CIty and surrounding areas. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office urged New Yorkers to prepare for the storm yesterday saying that even though the storm's path is unclear New Yorkers could see: "heavy rain, high winds, flooding, tornadoes, coastal surges, and widespread power outages." Cuomo has put state agencies on alert.

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Schneiderman Subpoenas 9 More Banks (Wall Street Journal)

Koch Captured in Documentary (NY Times)

Cuomo to Stump For House Democrats (NY Post)

Officer Held in Plot to Eat Women (NY Times)

Law Named After Espada Criminalizes Failing to Report Campaign Cash (NY Post)

Comptroller:Obesity Costing NY Billions (Crain's)

Chelsea Market Expansion Gets Approval (Crain's)

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