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In an op-ed for the Times Union titled "Mainstream Democrats 'squandered the opportunity,'" Gov. Andrew Cuomo explained today that his political support is not based on party but on support of issues. The issues he sets out to earn his support are as follows:

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1. The property tax cap that has finally imposed fiscal discipline
on local governments and provided relief to taxpayers
2. Campaign finance reform
3. Increasing the minimum wage
4. Reform of New York City’s “stop and frisk” policy
5. Environmental protection and initiatives that address our
changing climate
6. The education and Medicaid budget rate formulas that provided
fiscal predictability and sustainability
7. The tax cuts that brought taxes on the middle class tax to the
lowest rates in 58 years
8. Education reforms – like teacher evaluations – that bring more
accountability to our schools and continued improvement to our SUNY
9. Protecting a woman’s right to choose
10. Limited and highly regulated casinos introduced as economic
development generators

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Before the power-sharing deal between the IDC and Republicans was announced, Democrats worried that Cuomo favored an alliance because it would allow him to pass his conservatve fiscal policy and his progressive social agenda.

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Cuomo wrote in the op-ed that the Democratic Conference had more than one chance to prove their leadership ability:

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The Democratic Conference was in power for two years and squandered the opportunity,failing to pass any meaningful reform legislation despite repeated promises. The Democratic Conference dysfunction was legendary and the current leadership has failed to come to a cooperative agreement with
Mr. Klein’s IDC faction.

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