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The Cuomo Administration plans to try offering cash bonuses to Medicaid recipients who get regular check ups. The incentive will initially target 16,700 people with health problems like diabetes and hypertension. Meanwhile, community health advocates in the Bronx say more jobs for the community could improve the overall health of the borough. Also, the Health and Hospitals Corporation's inspector general will make more records available to the public after it was exposed to have failed to follow up on hundreds of cases.

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Groups Push to Highlight Campaign Finance Reform (NY Times)

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Hundreds of Thousands of Youth in Metro Area Adrift: Report (WNYC)

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NYPD Hiring Out-of-Towners at Twice the Rate of Locals (Daily News)

Some Skilled Workers Left Out of Job Growth (Wall Street Journal)

State Lawmakers Get Taxpayer Funds to Sleep in Second Homes in Albany (NY Post)

Education Department Payed Employees Who Stopped Showing Up (NY Post)

Law Banning Masks at Protests to Be Challenged (NY Times)

Report Tracks Student-Data System Usage (Wall Street Journal)

Bloomberg Suggests Super-PAC is Just the Beginning (The Hill)

More Local Small Businesses Look to Drum Up Sales Overseas (Daily News)

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