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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a statement following the concession of Sen. Steve Saland who was one of the four Republicans who helped pass same-sex marriage in New York.

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Senator Stephen Saland has been an exemplary representative for the Hudson Valley whose leadership has made New York a better place.

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Steve has been a true partner who always put what was right before politics, and worked with me during the past two years to rebuild this state and restore the people’s faith in government. Throughout his career, he championed issues that directly affected New Yorkers, from strengthening protections against domestic violence, to putting in place an all-crimes DNA databank. As a result of his courage, tens of thousands of couples here in New York State have the freedom to marry whom they choose. Steve is a public servant of remarkable character, integrity, and courage and serves as a model for our collective aspirations of how our elected officials should perform. It is unfortunate that an elected official who stood so strong for equality, as Steve did, was not able to survive in today's political environment.

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I thank Steve for his work on behalf of the people of the state of New York and his friendship, and give my warmest wishes to him, his wife Linda, and their family as they enter this next phase."

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Cuomo promised to support legislators who voted for the same-sex marriage legislation so this statement is not extremely surprising. On the other hand, Senate Democrats have felt abandoned and have actually been abandoned by Cuomo in the fight for independent redistricting and during, during the election and now as the struggle for the control of the Senate chamber plays out. Cuomo fails to mention the Democrat, Terry Gipson, who defeated Saland.

Photo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo courtesy of the Office of the Governor.

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