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Half of those still without power in the city, some 35,000 residents, live in public housing. Residents and public officials have panned the housing authority's response to the storm. The tenants will be eligible for rent credits for the days they've been without power.

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The Long Island Power Authority told hundreds of powerless Rockaway residents they would need to hire a licensed city electrician to inspect their homes before LIPA could restore power. Con Ed said Wednesday's nor’easter knocked out power to 55,000 customers in New York City and Westchester. And LIPA blamed 60,000 new outages on the storm.

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In the Press...

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As Shortfall Looms, Bloomberg Plans Cuts (NY Times)

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Cuomo to Seek $30 Billion in Aid for Storm Relief (NY Times)

Lawyers Offer Free Help to Storm Victims (Wall Street Journal)

Parts of PATH Service Knocked Out for Weeks (Wall Street Journal)

Talk of Coalition Government in Senate (Daily News)

Users of Airbnb Rental Site Offer Free Rooms to Storm Victims (WNYC)

Day Laborers Play a Role in Sandy's Aftermath (WNYC)

Sen. Schumer Worried Insurance Companies Trying to Avoid Paying Claims (Daily News)

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