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The New York Water Rangers issued this statement:

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"The Cuomo administration's decision to propose revised fracking regulations undermines the governor's oft-stated promise to let the science drive his decision-making process.

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By issuing revised rules before the Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Health (DOH), and their outside experts, have had the chance to undertake a comprehensive review of fracking's consequences, the governor and his staff are signaling that it is not important to understand the public health impacts from fracking. But this knowledge is critical, and must be used to shape regulations and ultimately determine whether or not to permit fracking in New York State.

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Millions of New Yorkers who could bear the burden of unknown consequences have been left in the dark.

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Ignoring the ongoing health and environmental review processes by rushing new rules that have to be finalized by the end of February appears to be either politically motivated or messy administration at the expense of all New Yorkers.

Governor Cuomo must remain true to his assurances to place the public's best interests first and let this process be determined by the science alone. We're calling on the administration to hold off on issuing revised regulations until all of the science on the potential health and environmental impacts are in, and the public's questions have been answered."

Katherine Nadeau of the Environmental Advocates of New York issued the following statement: “Issuing revised regulations before the science or health studies are in is a reversal by the Governor, who once pledged to let the science drive decision-making on fracking. We’re calling on the Governor to put the public over the gas industry’s profits—let the health and environmental reviews proceed without artificial deadlines, and let the science guide the process.”

Proponents of fracking including the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York have repeatedly condemned what they call an extended and lengthy review process that they say is preventing New York's economy from bennefiting from the operation of new gas wells.

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Headlines: Hydrofracking Health Review; Barclays Center to Open http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/21/headlines-hydrofracking-health-review-barclays-center-to-open http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/21/headlines-hydrofracking-health-review-barclays-center-to-open

The state's health commissioner has been asked to review the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing in New York before Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes a decision on whether to allow the natural gas drilling practice. The head of the state's Department of Environmental Conservation decided to ask the state's health commissioner, instead of having a university school of public health or independent group make an asssessment. Environmentalists said they would have preferred an independent review.

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Environmental Advocates Hire ex-Senate Spokesman Proulx http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/20/environmental-advocates-hire-ex-senate-spokesman-proulx http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/20/environmental-advocates-hire-ex-senate-spokesman-proulx Environmental Advocates of New York have hired veteran spokesman Travis Proulx to be their new director of communications. Proulx served as a spokesman for the Senate Democrats through the good times and the bad. He even survived the fabled 2009 Senate Coup. He recently worked for the Cuomo administration.

“Travis is a great addition to our office. His years of experience in the capital, working in both the legislative and executive branches, as well as his knowledge of state government, political campaigns, and statewide media, are huge assets to our organization and the state’s broader environmental community,” said Rob Moore, executive director of Environmental Advocates.

Proulx said, “Environmental Advocates has a well-deserved reputation for not only advancing environmental protections, but also advocating visionary policies that benefit all New Yorkers. I’m excited to join the team at such an important time for our state's environment, with big decisions looming on issues such as fracking.”

You can expect to hear Proulx talking about hydraulic fracturing along with a bevy of other environmental issues facing New York in the months and years to come.

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