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Sen. Joeseph Addabbo and his Republican challenger Councilman Eric Ulrich are scheduled to debate tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Grace Church 100-05 159 Ave. in Howard Beach. The debate is sponsored by The Forum, The Queens Chronicle and Citizens Union the sister organizaton of Gotham Gazette's publisher. Have questions for the candidates? You can send them to

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For more on the issues in this heated race check our article on the two men who went to the same school and attend the same church.

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Good News/Bad News for Addabbo

Sen. Joseph Addabbo has had a good start to his week. Yesterday, one of the most popular governors in the country (Andrew Cuomo) endorsed him.

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Cuomo's endorsement has been a rare commodity for Senate Democrats, but Addabbo likely earned the endorsement by changing his 'no' vote on same-sex marriage to a 'yes' to help the governor score a major political victory.

“Political courage, which is what Sen. Joe Addabbo exhibited, should be encouraged and should not be discouraged,” Cuomo said before marching in the Columbus Day parade.

"This is not a man who makes endorsements on a whim," Addabbo told the Gazette today. "I appreciate his endorsement."

However, a recent Siena College Poll shows that Addabbo's challenger, Councilman Eric Ulrich, is only two points behind him. It also appears that Ulrich has set the agenda for the race, or at least seized on what is most important to voters in his district by focusing his campaign on small business and jobs. Thirty-one percent of those polled by Siena said that jobs is the most important issue facing the district. Voters, however, rated Addabbo higher on job creation than Ulrich.

"I could be two points up or two points down," Addabbo said. "We know what we need to do and it does not change because of a poll."

To read more about the policy differences between the two men, check out our story on the race.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo endorses Sen. Joseph Addabbo. Photo provided by Addabbo campaign.

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Legislative Pay Raises? Addabbo and Ulrich Say No.

Legislators want more pay. Despite the last few years of turmoil and scandal in Albany legislative pay raises is a hot topic — one that may come up in a special session following the elections.

The question has also come up as an issue of debate in races for state office, including the one for the 15th State Senate District.

So what do Democratic Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. and his challenger Council Eric Ulrich think of legislative payraises? Glad you asked.

Ulrich told Gotham Gazette last week that he doesn't support raises for legislators. "If they want them they should go to the voters for a referendum," he said.

And Addabbo told Juniper Berry this:

"We don't right now. We have larger issues to deal with than legislative pay raises, which as of now is a mere rumor. There's not one single piece of legislation that proposed a legislative pay raise. Legislative pay raises are certainly not on my radar screen right now."

Fore more on the race between Addabbo and Ulrich, check out our feature on the race.

Image of Sen. Joseph Addabbo provided by Addabbo for Senate.

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