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Want to know which judicial races wll actually be on the ballot when you show up to vote on Nov. 6?

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Like to know a little bit of background on the judges, what their jobs are and who they serve?

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Great! We have just the thing to assist you in your quest to be a better informed voter.

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The New York State Unified Court System has issued their online voter guide. The guide also offers links to independent reviews of judges and candidates by separete judicial commissions.

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You will notice that, in the race for Supreme Court in the 11th Judicial District in Queens, three out of the five candidates responded to the voter guide survey, while a number of Civil Court races are uncontested.

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Only one candidate responded to the survey for the Supreme Court seat in the 1st Judicial District in Manhattan; three other candidates failed to do so.

Don't forget to tune back to Gotham Gazette during the week of November 5 for our Guide For the Last Minute Voter.


Image of judge's gavel by Flickr user s_falkow, used under Creative Commons license.

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