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While other legislators are crossing their fingers that they will return to Albany sometime this year to vote themselves a pay raise, Democratic state Sen. Daniel Squadron wants them back in their seats for an entirely different reason.

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This morning Squadron and a number of Senate and Assembly Democrats as well as advocates and community members gathered at site of the recent shooting at Campos Plaza to call for a special session to address gun violence by passing a package of bills.

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"Before one more innocent life is lost, it's time for the legislature to pass these critical bills,” Squadron said. “From the crime-solving tool of microstamping to my bill to crack down on assault weapons, these common sense measures would be a big step toward protecting New York's families. Yet again and again the gun lobby keeps these guns on our streets and our communities at risk — and we too often see the consequences right here at home."

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Jackie Hilly, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence praised the idea in a statement:

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We cannot continue to allow our children to die in playgrounds and mothers to die on the street. For too long important legislation has been forced to the back burner. Now is the time to pass common sense measures to help protect families and communities in New York.

Squadron proposed the idea of a special session to address gun violence in an op-ed in the Daily News earlier this week. In that op-ed, Squadron noted that 1,329 people were killed or injured by guns in New York City alone this year.

Despite these events, it seems unlikely the Legislature will take major action during any possible special session, since the New York Rifle Association is a major donor in New York state and Senate Republicans have blocked legislation like microstamping in the past.

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