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Eliot Spitzer's entry into the city comptroller race continues to reap headlines. To meet the tight petitioning deadline he's left himself, the scandal scarred ex-governor is paying canvassers $800 a day each. He needs 3,750 registered Democrats to sign by tomorrow at midnight. Some say his pitch to aggressively retool the position will remind voters of his "steamroller" image. Others point out that the office already wields significant policy powers. His stance against public financing seems to have shifted, or was at least the victim of a frenzied campaign that left him disorganized. He spent a lot of time during political exile in real estate, which brought him quite a bit of wealth.

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Today's Lead: Spitzer Campaign Begins

Eliot Spitzer began his campaign for comptroller at a circus-like appearance at Union Square yesterday. His wife has yet to join him on the campaign trail. The Democratic party and business leaders have mobilized to oppose his candidacy. Scott Stringer, who has been the frontrunner for the seat so far, was caught by surprise by Spitzer's entry.

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Today's Lead: Weiner Leads In New Poll

A new poll finds Anthony Weiner at the top of the pack in the Democratic field. A Wall Street Journal/NBC 4 New York/Marist poll shows him moving ahead of Christine Quinn, garnering support from 25 percent of registered Democrats polled, compared with Quinn's 20 percent. In a runoff between just the two candidates, voters chose Quinn, however. It would seem many are ready to forgive his sexting escapades.

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Thompson, A Backer Of NYPD IG Proposal, Gets Detectives' Union Support A union representing police detectives opposes legislation that would create an independent monitor to oversee the New York Police Department.

But their opposition to the proposal hasn’t stopped the union from endorsing Democrat Bill Thompson for mayor — who has said he supports the idea.

Michael Palladino, chief of the Detectives' Endowment Association, was asked by a reporter yesterday at a rally for Thompson whether the candidate’s support of the inspector general legislation weighed into the union’s decision to endorse him. “Obviously it didn’t,” Palladino replied.

Palladino is also the chairman of the Uniformed Workers of New York, which held the campaign rally to show their support for Thompson.

Thompson reiterated his support of the proposal for an independent police inspector general, as well as a modified form of stop-and-frisk.

"Stop-and-frisk — and I've said this before and I'll say it again — is a useful policing tool that's been misused and abused,” Thompson said as heads bobbed in agreement behind him.

“When you get away from the constitutional way it was determined that it should be used, then its wrong and it’s a mistake. I think if you ask a number of those in law enforcement here individuals you’ll hear that also.”

The coalition technically announced its support for the candidate last week, but came out yesterday to publicly vouch for Thompson’s positions on public safety.

In a prepared statement, Palladino praised Thompson, who has promised to add 2,000 officers to the police force.

"Bill Thompson is ready to lead our city and protect New Yorkers from day one,” he said in the statement.

The UUWNY represents more than 125,000 city and state workers across 20 unions from the city’s police, fire, sanitation, corrections and court service work forces.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, one of the city’s most influential police unions, has yet to endorse a candidate in the race.

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