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So far it seems that Speaker Sheldon Silver is fighting a losing battle to push for some sort of funding for the program to be included in the budget.

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Sen. Jose Peralta has continually called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make The DREAM Act part of his budget and to lead on the issue but so far it hasn't worked.

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Cuomo has been quiet on the issue and a spokesman told the Gazette last week that Cuomo supports the federal DREAM Act but is considering proposals on the state level.

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The DREAM Act could be dealt with outside of the budget, but most insiders think that budget negotiations gives proponents the strongest hand to negotiate.

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Peralta issued this statement praising Cuomo while pleading with him to fight for The DREAM Act in the budget:

It took great courage and leadership to achieve marriage equality in New York and to pass the toughest gun laws in the country. Rather than wait on the federal government to do something, Governor Cuomo instead showed the federal government how to get big, important, meaningful things done.

On behalf of all Dreamers, I am urging Governor Cuomo to again bring to bear his great courage, considerable political skills and extraordinary leadership abilities in getting something big, important and meaningful done. And make no mistake: Immigration reform is important and most certainly needs to get done.

As a sound investment in our state’s workforce and future that would eventually pay for itself many times over, the Dream Act belongs in the budget.

The Dream Act means far too much to far too many people to continue to be ignored.”

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Today's Word On The State Budget is 'Tentative' http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/state/2013/03/19/todays-word-on-the-state-budget-is-tentative http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/state/2013/03/19/todays-word-on-the-state-budget-is-tentative There is no budget deal to report as of this afternoon, but there are a few "tentative" ones the table — or at least floating around the halls of the Capitol.

The first deal would see the state's minimum wage incrementally increased to $9 an hour by 2016. That deal has some mainstream Senate Democrats rankled. Sen. Mike Gianaris told Susan Arbetter of The Capitol Pressroom that Senate Republicans who cut a deal with the Independent Democratic Conference have "outsize" influence in negotiations and that the deal is "half a loaf."

Sen. David Valesky of the Independent Democratic Conference responded in a statement accusing Gianaris of the "type of absolutism that prevented progress in the past."

Now there is word of a deal on marijuana laws. The New York City Council would be allowed to make possesion of small amounts of marijuana in public a ticketable offense rather than an arrestable offense under proposed legislation.

Some upstate legislators are upset that the measure would only impact New York City.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pressed legislation that would lower penalties for marijuana possession last year but were blocked by Senate Republicans.

Meanwhile, advocates of the DREAM Act that would provide funding to undocumented college students are not getting much good news these days. Speaker Sheldon Silver is reportedly pressing hard for the plan but to no avail.

"Nothing promising" has been a refrain I've heard multiple times today when inquiring about the status of the DREAM Act in budget talks.

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