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City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called Councilman Dan Halloran's press release celebrating his district's participatory budget "stupid" and "outrageous."

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Quinn spoke about the embattled Republican councilman during a press conference in City Hall today, referencing one of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's oft-used turns of phrase.

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"I don't usually quote Mike Bloomberg, but it's one of the stupidest things I have ever seen," Quinn said, adding that Halloran would have no say in how discretionary funds would be allocated for the projects his residents voted on last week.

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"I don't care how many stupid press releases he issues," she said.

Halloran, who is accused in a bribery scheme to get Democratic Sen. Malcolm Smith on the Republican mayoral ballot line, sent out the press release yesterday in which he congratulated the winners.

In response to Quinn's comments today, Halloran spokesman Kevin Ryan said there seemed to be a misunderstanding about the press release's intent.

Ryan said that the statement was meant as an update on the six-month-long process towards residents voting on projects to receive almost $1 million in discretionary funds, and that Halloran had no more influence on the vote than any other participating Council member.

"I don't think it's fair," Ryan said, "to penalize the people who spent so much time on this and not get their projects funded."

The Daily News reported yesterday that any funding toward winning projects would be decided on by Quinn with consultation from the Queens Council delegation, although the participatory budget results would not be binding.

Quinn's office announced last week that Halloran had been stripped of all committee assignments following his arrest in the bribery case.

The Council's Committee on Standards and Ethics met briefly before Quinn's news conference to begin a review into Halloran's role in the scandal while the federal investigation continues.

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