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In an effort to regulate how pedicabs set fares, the City Council passed legislation today that would require pedicab drivers to set their rates based on the duration of rides.

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If the bill becomes law, drivers of pedicabs, popular in tourists spots like Central Park and Times Square, would be required to use a timer during all rides.

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The timer would have to be fastened within clear view of the passengers, along with rates charged.

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“Our legislation will bring increased legitimacy to the pedicab industry and will ensure customers know what they’re paying to go on a ride – without being taken for a ride," Council Speaker Christine Quinn said in a statement.

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Intro. 0597 - 2011 was championed by Councilman Dan Garodnick, the chair of the committee on consumer affairs.

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The city's Department of Consumer Affairs, which would be required to create information cards for pedicab riders, and the The New York City Pedicab Owners' Association have also said they support the bill.

The Council passed the bill at today's stated meeting. For more on the bill, see our policy brief.

A full report on the meeting will appear tomorrow.

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