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The New York Police Department is taking additional security precautions for at least two public events this weekend following the attack at the Boston Marathon.

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Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that there have been no specific threats to New York City, but that the city remains vigilant in the wake of yesterday's bombing of the annual running event in Boston.

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Kelly said the NYPD was reviewing security plans for a 5K Run/Walk and family day for the 9/11 memorial and a four-mile race in Central Park for the City Parks Foundation.

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"We are certainly evaluating, or reevaluating them, in light of the event that took place yesterday," he said at a press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall today. The Boston flag was at half-mast in front of City Hall in remembrance of the victims of the attack.

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"We are vigilant, but we are vigilant for a good cause," Kelly said.

Kelly added that NYPD received 77 reports of suspicious packages in the last 24 hours, compared to 21 at this time last year. He said that police anticipated the spike in reports, and asked that residents continue to be vigilant. He also said that the police department is in communication with the FBI and has sent two police sergeants to the Boston Regional Intelligence Center to provide assistance.

NYPD responded to yesterday's events by deploying its fleet of highly visible patrol units to hotels and prominent, iconic locations around the city. There was also an increased police presence throughout the city's subways. The city mobilized 1,000 officers for counter-terrorism duties, Bloomberg said in a statement hours after the attack.

During today's press conference, Bloomberg said that the Boston attacks should not keep New Yorkers from their daily routines.

"That's what we have to do — go about our day, keep the victims of this awful tragedy in our thoughts and our prayers," Bloomberg said. "Go about our business. Let's not forget what happened in the past and let’s prepare for the future."

Photo: NYC.gov

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