poverty Tag All blog entries tagged as poverty http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/latest Thu, 17 Apr 2014 04:02:54 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Today's Report: Ending Hunger By 2018 http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/todays-report/2013/07/10/todays-report-ending-hunger-by-2018 http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/todays-report/2013/07/10/todays-report-ending-hunger-by-2018 A coalition of elected officials, advocates, and nonprofit leaders have created a plan for the next mayor to end hunger by 2018. The main thrust consists of executive actions the mayor could take, while the rest is rounded out by recommendations for federal, state, and local legislators. It would "make food jobs a central component of the city’s job creation strategy" and "grow, process, and manufacture more food right here in NYC." Other goals would be to push for higher wages, streamline food assistance benefits, and to mandate universal school lunches. The plan would create jobs, aid workers, bolster businesses, and protect the environment, its authors say.]]> mmuller@gothamgazette.com (Mike Muller) Today's Report Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:42:32 +0000 Headlines: Rise in poverty; New Brooklyn Democrat chair http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/20/headlines-rise-in-poverty-new-brooklyn-democrat-chair http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/the-eye-opener/entry/city/2012/09/20/headlines-rise-in-poverty-new-brooklyn-democrat-chair

Over a fifth of New Yorkers live in poverty, according to new Census numbers. The city's poverty rate jumped from 20.1 percent in 2010 to 20.9 percent in 2011, which equals 74,000 people. That's the third year in a row the rate increased. The national average is 15.9 percent. The numbers are at odds with job recovery reports. Unemployment has also risen, despite job growth. The poverty rate is at its highest in over 10 years, and the income gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. Meanwhile, a new report finds that low-income smokers statewide spend 25 percentof their income on cigarettes.

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Longtime Lopez colleague chosen to lead Brooklyn Democrats

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Poor smokers spend 25 percent of income on cigarettes

Verizon, unions reach tentative contract

NYPD response to crime calls slows to 9 minutes

NYPD to videotape all post-arrest questioning to avoid ‘false’ confessions

NY overbilled feds $15 billion for Medicaid over 20 years

Espada bond should be revoked, prosecutors say

Cuomo wants GOP senators Saland, McDonald to win

Occupy organizers: NYPD targeted and arrested leaders before anniversary

Bloomberg’s fortune jumped to estimated $25 billion

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