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The city missed out on $40 million in federal Race to the Top funds for failing to provide budget, timeline and personnel information. The city scored 186 out of a possible 210 points on its application. A number of points were lost simply for incomplete answers. Meanwhile, federal negotiations over the fiscal cliff could lead to $164 million in cuts to federal aid for programs for special-education and lower-income students in the state. In other related news, schools in New York's poor districts still lack basic resourcessix years after a landmark court ruling required the state to increase spending on public education.

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Chemical Thrown at Rabbi Who Aided Victims of Abuse (NY Times)

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Bloomberg: Quinn's Bill Allowing Corporations to Pour Money Into Campaigns 'Terrible Idea' (Daily News)

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Donors Behind Front Groups Would Face New Rules Under Attorney General's Plan (Albany Times Union)

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Climate Change Fears Meet Development at the New Hudson Yards (WNYC)

NY's Top Court: Gang Member Not a Terrorist (Associated Press)

City Sees Decline in Obesity Rate for Kids (WNYC)

Monserrate Gets Two Years (NY Post)

Computer Error Exposes School Teachers' Controversial, Private Information (Daily News)

How Hurricane Sandy May Have Finally Killed Albany's Convention Center Boondoggle (Gotham Gazette)
Today's Report

How Start Ups Could Benefit All

The benefits of the city's start up boom have been concentrated among those with technical and entrepreneurial skills, according to this report by the Manhattan Borough President's Office. The study offers ways the city could ensure that jobs in these industries are accessible to all.
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