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Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist convicted of bribery this January, is cooperating with authorities. It isn't known who he'll be giving information about to prosecutors. In six years, 27 elected officials have been been charged in scandals, and that number is expected to grow with Lipsky's help.

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In the Press...

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Bronx DA curtails prosecuting people arrested for trespassing at housing projects (NY Times)

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Board votes for bigger type on city ballots (NY Times)

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GOP challenger apparently topples gay marriage pol (Associated Press)

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Union, teachers and students criticize 6,620 oversized classes (Daily News)

Bloomberg gives $75,000 to dissident Senate Democrats (Daily News)

Judge rejects NY gas drilling lawsuit against feds (Associated Press)

NY attorney general defends probe of tax-exempt groups (Politico)

More city students take AP, SAT exams (Wall Street Journal)

City to expand shelters amid jump in homeless (Wall Street Journal)

Groups sue city over NYU expansion plan (WNYC)

Parks Department lost $200,000 after doubling fees at recreation centers (NY Post)

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