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A judge ruled that hundreds of protestors at the Republican National Convention in 2004 were arrested without probable cause on Fulton St. The city may now be liable for significant monetary damages. U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan said police could not have known whether each individual there intended to break the law. He denied requests to make the same ruling for a group of protestors on 16th St. during the convention. The judge also decided that police broke the law by fingerprinting protestors with identification who were arrested that day. But the fact that protestors were arrested rather than issued summonseswas deemed acceptable, since intelligence sources found that demonstrators planned unlawful activity.

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Domestic abuse victims not only beaten but often left in debt by their tormenters (Daily News)

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Group that won discrimination suit against Fire Department eyes back pay (WNYC)

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White firefighters rally at Brooklyn federal court over Fire Department hiring (Daily News)

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NYCLU probes solitary confinement in state prison (Associated Press)

NYPD plans to double size of gang unit (Associated Press)

Schools’ failure to improve may lead to more closings (NY Times)

Bloomberg agrees that subway master keys are a threat (NY Post)

New York Taxi Commission sued by medallion owners’ group (Bloomberg)

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