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Council Votes to Curb Deportations

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The City Council overwhelmingly voted for two bills yesterday that will further restrict the city's cooperation with federal immigration authorities in an effort to prevent unnecessary deportations. The laws would stop the city from honoring detainment requests except for immigrants with previous felonies, who are on gang or terrorist watch lists, have outstanding criminal warrants, or have committed misdemeanors such as sexual abuse, gun possession and assault. However, the law would prevent holding immigrants charged or having been found guilty of most misdemeanors. The impact of the laws is unclear as they echo recent guidelines from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement chair. "Current policy is eroding the trust between immigrants and local law enforcement and that frustrates the stated purpose of ‘Secure’ Communities,” said City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn in a statement. “If immigrants believe that the police will hand them over to immigration authorities, they are less likely to report crimes, and this can only have a negative effect on public safety. We have seen too many families torn apart by current detention and deportation practices

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Parents Union Adds Bloomberg to Lawsuit The New York City Parents Union is adding Mayor Michael Bloomberg's name to their lawsuit that aims to stop city schools from losing $250 million in education aid.

The group won a temporary junction to stop Gov. Andrew Cuomo from putting in place the cuts that were triggered by the failure of the Bloomberg Administration and the United Federation of Teachers to work out a deal on teacher evaluations.

In allowing the injunction, a state judge ruled last week that children should not be punished for a failure to reach a deal.

The Parents Union says Bloomberg's attorney informed them today that the Mayor is going forward with the $250 million in cuts. So now the group has added Bloomberg, the New York City Department of Education and Chancellor Dennis Walcot to the lawsuit and asked the judge to extend the temporary injunction to them.

"We are appalled that Mayor Bloomberg has decided to cut $250 million from New York City's public schools despite the fact that parents have obtained an injunction against Governor Cuomo and New York State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr., stopping them from taking education funds due to the lack of agreement between New York City and the UFT on a teacher evaluation system," said NYC Parents Union President Mona C. Davids in a statement. "Is Mayor Bloomberg above the law?"

Her statement continued:

Mayor Bloomberg is punishing our children for the failures of adults. It is unconscionable to punish innocent children and play politics with their education.We are now forced to add Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Dennis Walcott and the New York City Department of Education to our lawsuit as defendants.

We will continue to fight to ensure our children receive the funding to which they are entitled -- funding awarded by the state legislature. This entire teacher evaluation debacle is more proof that we need parent empowerment, including independent parents having a seat at the education policy and decision making tables.

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Today's Lead Story: City Students Start School Year

City Students Start School Year

Over one million students started the school year yesterday, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg touted his oversight of the district and Chancellor Dennis Walcott toured the boroughs to greet children and teachers.“I think it’s indisputable that our schools are heading in the right direction," Bloomberg said during a visit to Middle School 327 in the Bronx. GothamSchools live-blogged the day.

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