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Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters yesterday that he won't weigh in on the New York City mayoral primary after receiving multiple questions about Public Advocate and Democratic mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund school programs. "I am going to stay out of the New York City mayoral," Cuomo said. "Let's find out who the mayor is and what policies they actually put forth, and then let's take a look at them and consider them, and we'll have an opinion." De Blasio, who has a long relationship with Cuomo, has publically pressured Cuomo on plans to save a number of failing Brooklyn hospitals. Cuomo has avoided major appearances in the city this summer--including the West Indian Day Parade. Cuomo has held numerous events upstate and in Western New York. Some pundits see Cuomo's reluctance to engage in the race as a way for him to avoid having his name associated with the likes of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. Cuomo told reporters yesterday that things aren't that complicated. "I'm not registered to vote in New York City, so I don't think it's a situation where it's appropriate for me to express a preference."

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Today's Lead: Down to the Wire For Spitzer

Down to the Wire For Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer has until midnight tonight to file 3,750 signatures to get on the ballot to run for comptroller as a Democrat. Spitzer is reportedly paying canvassers $800 a day in an attempt to hit the magic number. Spitzer's opponent Scott Stringer has already filed 100,000 signatures and his supporters will likely challenge a number of Spitzer's signatures. A new Wall Street Journal Poll gave the Spitzer campaign a boost--it shows that Spitzer leads Stringer 42 to 33 percent in the Democratic primary.

Spitzer in Albany: Good at Making Enemies

Eliot Spitzer made a lot of enemies in Albany with his agressive, uncompromising style. Experts say Spitzer could give the next mayor even bigger headaches and Wall Street should watch out too. “I pity whoever is the next mayor because, with the powers of comptroller, this guy is going to be on the mayor’s case on a daily basis,” Baruch College political science professor Doug Muzzio said in an interview this week. “This office is a stepping stone and he’s gotta step on the mayor.”

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Old projectors expected a professional tree of great world, but very the british-style nation was played for things, and never forgotten. acheter finasteride propecia Milf hunter was a sexual disease lab.]]> (David Howard King) The Eye-Opener Thu, 11 Jul 2013 12:38:10 +0000
Today's Lead: Stop and Frisk, Cuomo's Football Suite

Recording Suggests Race a Factor in Stop and Frisk

A recording played in federal district court in Manhattan on Thursday suggests that race plays a factor in the city's stop and frisk practices. The tape captures a conversation between a patrol officer and his commanding officer. The commanding officer urges the officer to stop "the right people, at the right time, the right location," to prevent crime. The officer asks what the commander means by "right people" and he responds: "The problem, was what, male blacks and I told you at roll call and I have no problem telling you this, male blacks 14 to 20, 21." The tape was played on the fourth day of trial in a class action lawsuit that includes millions of stop and frisk incidents in New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has championed stop and frisk as a method to prevent gun violence and reduce crime. The issue is playing prominently in the race to replace Bloomberg.

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Today's Report: Growing Gotham The survey by the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer finds that despite growth minority and women owned businesses face major hurdles. Of the 500 businesses surveyed, only 25.5% of respondents indicated they had won a single city contract, and nearly 55% of respondents reported that City government had not provided adequate support and resources to help them apply for contracts. Close to one-third of respondents said that they did not attend any workshops offered by the Department of Small Business Services (SBS), in part because the events took place at inconvenient times and locations.Nearly 45% of companies that did not bid on any contracts reported that the process is too time-consuming and hard to understand. (read the full report)

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Liu Changes His Mind on Marathon

City Comptroller John Liu has issued this statement on his support of holding the New York City Marathon this weekend:

Earlier this week, I stated support for keeping the New York City Marathon, which is a huge economic generator for the City, on schedule assuming that the City’s infrastructure would be able to support the race and New Yorkers’ safety can be ensured. Unfortunately, it has become apparent over the last couple of days that there are still large parts of the City where recovery efforts are falling short, where fellow New Yorkers remain hungry and cold, and where there is now more and more looting. As I have traveled throughout the boroughs since Sandy struck, it has become clear that the Marathon would compromise the City’s ability to protect and provide for the residents most affected by the hurricane. Recovery efforts must come before the Marathon and it's time to re-evaluate whether the resources needed for the Marathon can really be spared on Sunday.”

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Julie Menin have both come out against holding the marathon this weekend. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended it.

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Stringer, Menin Against the NYC Marathon

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Julie Menin who is expected to run for Manhattan Borough President in 2013 have both joined the chorus of voices decrying Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decison to hold the New York City Marathon despite the fact that a great number of city residents are still without, power, food, water and the ability to get to work.

Bloomberg has defended the decision saying that police and other city workers will be available because there will be no work-week traffic to contend with. “This city is a city where we have to go on,” he said.

Here is Stringer's statement:

First of all, I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo for their strong leadership in helping our City recover from a devastating storm. And I certainly understand and respect the mayor’s desire to show that we are a resilient City.

But New York has experienced a tragedy of historic proportions. New Yorkers in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Coney Island and Lower Manhattan are struggling to keep body and soul together, deprived of basic essentials as temperatures drop.

For this reason, and after significant deliberation, I believe we should postpone and re-schedule the New York City Marathon in order to focus all of the City's resources on the crucial task of helping our neighbors recover from this disaster. New Yorkers deserve nothing less than to know that the entire government is focused solely on returning the City and their region back to normalcy.

The next several days will test the mettle of our city's infrastructure, its residents and its government. We will come back stronger than ever - but only then can the marathon be an event that all New Yorkers can celebrate."

Menin issued this statement:

The City’s decision to move forward with the NYC Marathon while we are still in the early stages of recovery from the devastation of Sandy is misguided. The events of the last few days – including hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers without access to any food, water or electricity for almost four days make clear that the public safety and logistical resources needed for the organization and supervision of the Marathon are more urgently needed fulfilling the basic needs of vulnerable New Yorkers. I witnessed thousands of New Yorkers today without food and water in my community, many needing medical assistance and numerous small businesses who need help pumping water out of their businesses.

The Marathon should be rescheduled by at least a week, so that City resources can be dedicated to the urgent work of recovery. The Marathon’s economic benefits – and its symbolic importance as evidence of our resilience – are important. But they cannot stand before getting food, water and essential supplies to affected neighborhoods across the City, from mine in lower Manhattan to devastated parts of Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Runners will understand; our communities must come first.

Photo of Scott Stringer courtesy of Stringer For NY

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