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Commissioner Kelly has called for a grand jury investigation into the fatal shooting of a driver by police last week on the grand Central Parkway. The officer is said to be 'anxious' to testify in order to clear his name. It is routine for prosecutors to bring fatal shootings by the police before a grand jury. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown is ultimately in charge of empaneling a grand jury and is investigating the shooting already. Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg says appointing an inspector general to oversee the NYPD would bring crime back to the streets of the city.

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GOP shows lead in state Senate races (Albany Times Union)

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Gang member conviction as a terrorist for girl's death is up on appeal (Associated Press)

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Tax stances separate 2013 hopefuls (Wall Street Journal)

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Prosecutors tie Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm's ex-associate to mob (NY Times)

Bronx residents lambast council redistricting plan (Daily News)

Cuomo’s fracking dilemma poses political risk beyond New York (Bloomberg)

Grand plan for toxic site in Brooklyn is scorned and celebrated (NY Times)

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Headlines: NYPD killings in the news The officer who shot an unarmed man on the grand Central Parkway last week was previously named in two lawsuits alleging civil rights violations and police brutality. He says he thought the victim shot Thursday was reaching for a gun. There was a hand drill on the floor but no weapon. Meanwhile, community members rallied in front of Police Headquarters to protest another recent fatal shooting - this one a case where it's questioned whether officers followed protocol for dealing with 'emotionally disturbed persons' barricaded in their homes. In an additional case, the department is now apologizing for sending a bill for damages to a cop car to the mother of a man killed by that car after a chase. The death is being investigated by prosecutors.

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Headlines: Police kill unarmed man; 2013 party changes required this month

A police officer shot and killed an unarmed man after pulling him over on the Grand Central Parkway last night, and the passenger says his hands were on the wheel when it happened. It's still unclear why the officer shot his gun. The driver, an Army reservist, was pulled over for cutting the officer's truck off.

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