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As I reported on Monday, a number of issues important to New York City were tossed out of state budget negotiations or barely dealt with including The DREAM Act, SUNY Downstate and speed cameras.

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As it turns out, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not too pleased with the Legislature's failure to enact a bill that would allow the city to use up to 40 speed cameras in high-risk areas.

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“Frankly, reckless and negligent are some senators blocking our ability to save lives of our kids with speed cameras,” Bloomberg told reporters today.

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Bloomberg told reporters to give out the names of three State Senators who he held responsible for blocking the bill to parents who lose children in traffic accidents — Sens. Dean Skelos, Marty Golden and Simcha Felder.

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"I have no idea!" Golden responded on Sunday when I asked him what happened to speed cameras in the budget.

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Golden read a statement on the floor of the Senate last night before voting on one budget bill where he detailed the damage the budget could do to families and said "I do not consider these budget negotiations over." He then voted for the bill.

Senate Republicans released this statement: “Working with the City, no one has fought harder or longer than Senate Republicans to ensure the safety of New York City children and their families.”

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