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The governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and more than 100 influential business leaders called on the U.S. Congress to decide on $60 billion in aid for Superstorm Sandy relief before the holidays begin. The governors said Congress had taken longer to approve aid to their states than it had for relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Business executives also wrote a letter to congressional representatives. "We believe that failure to expeditiously fund storm relief and recovery will severely weaken this region and worsen our nation's overall fiscal condition," they wrote.

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Utilities To Give Rebates For Lost Service During Sandy (Associated Press)

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Republican Senator Who Voted For Gay Marriage Concedes (Gotham Gazette)

Countdown 'Til Senate Democrats Pick a New Leader? (Gotham Gazette)

NY Court Upholds 9/11 Benefits for 3 NYPD Officers (Associated Press)

MTA Head Recommends Fare Hike (Daily News)

Teachers' Pensions To Fund Post-Sandy Infrastructure Improvements (Gotham Schools)

State AG Looking At Elections Spending By Nonprofits (Albany Times Union)

Bloomberg Signs Pedicab Bill Into Law (Wall Street Journal)

Fight For Council Speaker's Seat Already Beginning (Wall Street Journal)

Brooklyn BP Wants To Lure Soccer Franchise To His Borough (NY Post)

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Paying for Sandy and Future Storms On Friday, President Obama asked Congress for $60.4 billion in Sandy aid for New York, New Jersey and other states. Nearly $48 billion of it would go to relief, while the rest would be used for mitigation of future storms. To further help recovery efforts, two U.S. senators have also proposed billions in tax breaks, a plan modeled after a Katrina bill. Meanwhile, a relief fund set up by Gov. Cuomo has been criticized for the political nature of the board that oversees the money it raises. Many members were involved in fundraising for the governor's election campaign. In related news, a number of the area's non-Sandy related charities have seen a drop in donations since the storm hit.

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