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As politicians begin taking more seriously the possible construction of a sea barrier, Gov. Cuomo will travel to Washington today seeking over $40 billion in aid -- a large chunk of which will go towards protection from future storms. The Washington Post backed up similar thinking, calling big spending on preparation well worth it. But of course, planning will be difficult, and it's much more complicated than just walling of the city from nature. Future development should come into consideration; like new plans for Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. Some say the park's role as natural buffer against flooding would be compromised by the proposed stadiums and malls. And then there's the gas pipeline planned for construction under The Rockaways. Environmentalists say flooding in the area threatens its stability.

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Behind a Call That Kept Nursing Home Patients in Storm’s Path (NY Times)

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New Yorkers Denied Aid by FEMA (Daily News)

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NYCHA to Postpone Evictions for Sandy Victims Until Feb '13 (Daily News)

Companies Donate Percentage of "Proceeds" Being Opaque (NY Times)

"Dire Consequences" Ahead for 16 Percent of State Youth Out of Work, School (Associated Press)

A Month After Hurricane Sandy, Midland Beach Still Reels (Staten Island Advance)

Leery of a Merger, Brooklyn Hospital Plans to Declare Bankruptcy (NY Times)

Accuser in Orthodox Abuse Trial Testified out of "Responsibility" (Wall Street Journal)

Tow Companies Hauling Legally Parked Cars (NY Post)

“The Central Park Five”: New York’s Darkest Hour (

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