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M.T.A. Chairman Joseph Lhaota said yesterday that the base fare ride for subways and buses would likely rise when then agency votes on a fare hike plan in December. The move affects the least amount of riders, since only 15 percent buy MetroCards under $10, which don't receive bonuses. But those are also often the poorest riders. Lhota also said he'd lobby for more money from the state, which contributes less to mass transit than others with large cities.

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In the Press...

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Charges Dropped Against Man Seen Beaten by Police in Video (NY Times)

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Officials Try to Influence Sale of Upper Manhattan Buildings in Foreclosure (WNYC)

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Bloomberg to Spend $500,000 on Gay Marriage Campaigns (Associated Press)

US to Expand Probe of New York City Veterans' Pensions (CNBC)

For Minority Students at Elite Private Schools, Admittance Doesn't Bring Acceptance (NY Times)

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