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You can add one more issue to the pile of things Gov. Andrew Cuomo might get from the legislature in return for agreeing to legislative payraises. Today Cuomo told Fred Dicker of the New York Post that the making the legislature subject to freedom of information laws may be part of a deal for legislative pay raises. Earlier this week Cuomo said he wouldn't consider signing off on payraises until the legislature handles, "the people's business."

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That "business" according to Cuomo at the time included hiking the minimum wage and decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. However, other issues have also been mentioned for a post-election special session, including campaign finance reform. Cuomo discussed why the public might have seen the Assembly's sexual harassment settlement with Assemblyman Vito Lopez's accusers as "secret" and brought up the the FOIL process. Cuomo said:

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"If there's no foil you wouldn't get these agreements unless they're voluntarily disclosed so that's a reform agenda I'm saying that we can take up."

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Cuomo and his office have had an interesting relationship with FOIL, just ask the Times Union. Cuomo's office has battled with the Times Union over access to his records as AG pertaining to the Troopergate scandal.

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