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The worst of Sandy is expected to hit the city Monday afternoon at the earliest. Officials warned the storm could wreak destruction in the Northeast for days. The New York area is expected to see some of the largest surges — and surges of 6 to 11 feet at Lower Manhattan have been predicted. Con Edison hasn't said how long New Yorkers might be without power if the storm damaged its network, but New Jersey utilities warned repairs could take up to 10 days after the storm. The MTA expressed optimism about restoring service by Wednesday, a return to normal is likely to come in fits and starts. Restoration of mass-transit service wasn't likely until at least 12 hours after the storm had passed. Bridges will close if sustained winds reach 60 miles per hour. By last night, 1,300 people had gone to 76 city shelters, with a capacity of 70,000. Some people experienced glitches with the evacuation app on website Sunday, creating confusion over whether to evacuate or not. Cuomo said that 1,100 National Guard troops had been deployed, including 200 in New York City.

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