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The state announced on Friday it would restart the regulatory rule-making process over hydraulic fracturing, pushing back a decision about approval into next year. This comes after the move to study fracking's impact on public health. The industry is worried Gov. Cuomo may not approve the drilling after all.

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In the Press...

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An ugly message sent on marriage vote (Albany Times Union)

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State Senate Democrats to get campaign cash lifeline from teachers union (Daily News)

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In Southeast Queens, epicenter of housing bust, holding onto homes still elusive (WNYC)

Medicaid eyed for all ex-cons (NY Post)

Housing Authority seeks millions for 'desperately needed' repairs (Daily News)

Master keys for subway gates blasted as terrorist threat (NY Post)

Meningitis outbreak hits HIV-positive men in New York (ABC News)

Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s ties to a bishop seem frayed (NY Times)

Councilman Charles Barron considering run for public advocate (Politicker)

PATH fares going up on Monday (Associated Press)

Who is vying to replace Bloomberg in 2013? (Associated Press)

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