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Jun 06, 2009

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Pedro Espada's New Clout

Jun 01, 2009

Espada at a Senate Housing Committee meeting Pedro Espada with his wife, Connie It's a little after 8 a.m. on a Thursday morning and State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. is sitting down

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Bill Thompson Hopes for an Upset

May 11, 2009

This is the first story in a series on the mayoral candidates. A wall of city workers lines Broadway, rubbing up against the wrought iron gate surrounding City Hall Park. Parents

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Stated Meeting: Scratching Out Etching Acid

May 07, 2009

Photo (cc) David Boyle   Carving out another obstacle for graffiti "vandals," the City Council approved legislation Wednesday that requires merchants who sell etching acid to keep purchasers' personal information for a

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Role Reversal: Contributions from Candidates

Apr 30, 2009

Just two candidates currently running for public advocate or city comptroller contributed to the Working Families Party last year, according to the Campaign Finance Board. Coincidentally, they were the

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City Gears Up for Green Buildings

Apr 23, 2009

Photo (cc) broddi This story originally incorrectly said there were 90,000 buildings in the city. It has been corrected to state that there are 975,000 buildings and properties, according to the

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Summer Concerts Plan to Play On

Apr 22, 2009

Photo (cc) asterix611 Park goers get settled for 2008 SummerStage's film series. "Free shows are what make the city so great," said Stephan Dima, producer of Seaport Music Festival. Summer concert series, many

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Even in Hard Times, Albany Offers a Feast of Pork

Apr 13, 2009

Photo (cc) larry & flo It is sometimes hard to calculate what one person's contribution to a community is worth. But for the residents of the 43rd New York State Senate

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The Bronx Family Feud

Apr 13, 2009

Diaz photo by Jordan Moss at Bronx News Network Ruben Diaz Jr., center, Joel Rivera, left, and Carl Heastie, right. The call of "Don't forget to vote on April 21st" practically overpowers

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Stated Meeting: Council Moves to Protect Access to Clinics

Apr 03, 2009

Photo (cc) dnkbdotcom In an attempt to clear a path for patients at reproductive clinics, the City Council approved legislation strengthening the city's clinic access law, allowing police to arrest protesters

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