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Art And Artists After September 11

Feb 28, 2002

"In the wake of tragedies, especially those that are as difficult to absorb as the events of September 11, we have a strong need to understand what has taken place


Building Community

Feb 28, 2002

Before 9/11, few New Yorkers had heard of the Flea Theater, just north of the WTC site; after 9/11, people across the country --teachers, mothers, and businessmen -- knew about


Flailing After 9/11

Dec 01, 2001

"Artists may live for applause, but they can't live on it." So begins "Going on with the Show," a recent report on how the arts have fared since September 11. Published


Culture Counts

Nov 01, 2001

In early November, the New York Foundation for the Arts released "Culture Counts: Strategies for a More Vibrant Cultural Life for New York City," the first comprehensive study of culture


Heart of Brooklyn

Sep 01, 2001

  The lion's share of New York City's art and cultural media attention, and resulting visitor traffic, seems to go to the cultural institutions located in Midtown Manhattan and the Museum

Aug 03, 2001

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Arts Budget

May 01, 2001

To outsiders with an interest in the arts, it may be difficult to reconcile what seems at first like two Rudy Guilianis - the one who appoints a much-derided Decency