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Stated Meeting: Council Tries to Plug Some leaks

Oct 14, 2010

Photo (cc) petar_c Need a plumber? Call the City Council. The City Council plugged some leaks Wednesday by approving a package of legislation aimed at conserving the city's water supply. The bills will

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Republicans See Opportunity to Retake the State Senate

Sep 23, 2010

Photo New York State Senate Dean Skelos hopes to regain his post as majority leader if Republicans take back the State Senate in November. After a rough two years of scandals, coups,

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The Man Who Beat Espada

Sep 15, 2010

Gustavo Rivera addresses his supporters following his primary victory It's quiet at the Riverdale diner. Gustavo Rivera and three of his staffers sit at the back of the dining room against

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Paladino, Schneiderman Win, Espada Doesn't

Sep 15, 2010

Photo by New York City Board of Elections (For a list of all primary winners and losers in New York City, go to our primary election results.) The Tea Party arrived in

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Voting Results -- 2010 Primary

Sep 15, 2010

  (For more on the 2010 primary, see our story on who New Yorkers voted for and the new way they voted. And for an report from the Bronx, site of

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Controversy Over Islam and Mosques Spreads Beyond Park 51

Sep 14, 2010

Photo by David Shankbone The area near ground zero has been the scene of several protests for and against an Islamic center proosed for lower Manhattan. Nine years after the Sept,

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Charter School Debate Brings Money, Attention to Harlem Race

Sep 11, 2010

Democracy Prep The rapid expansion of charter schools, such as Democracy Prep in Harlem, has fueled the race between incumbent State Sen. Bill Perkins and challenger Basil Smikle. Jay Seales' son is

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Republicans Battle to Take on Heavily Favored Cuomo

Sep 10, 2010

Art from Ohio State University Thomas Nast drew this cartoon to portray Republican woes in 1877, but it could apply to the New York GOP in 2010. In 2006, Democratic Attorney General

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Experience Shapes Race in Inwood

Sep 09, 2010

Photo (cc) Courtney Gross Guillermo Linares, the former City Council member and city immigration commissioner, stood at the corner of Dyckman and Broadway in Inwood last week, glad-handing commuters climbing up

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