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Federal Transportation Spending: Pork or Priority?

Oct 08, 2008

Photo (cc) Dan Bruno Across the country, evidence of the need to invest in America's transportation infrastructure abounds. From the tragic collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis last year, to


The Downside of Low-Cost Buses

Sep 18, 2008

Photo (cc) Naomi A. On a recent Wednesday evening, Erin Brown waited for the Fung Wah bus to Boston with a dozen or so other people on a crowded Canal Street


Encouraging New Yorkers to Park -- and Drive

Aug 20, 2008

Photo (cc) Jon Protas The Bloomberg administration has been on a traffic-taming tear since PlaNYC was announced in April 2007, but many of those efforts could be for naught, according to


Making Way for New York's Scooter Surge

Jul 16, 2008

Photo (cc) Kumar McMillan In the first three months of this year, scooter sales nationwide rose 24 percent, and according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, a national trade association, scooter


Albany Puts the Brakes on Faster Buses

Jun 20, 2008

Photo (cc) Timo ArnallA bill that would help enforce bus lane regulations has been blocked in the State Assembly. "No one has done more to preserve, protect and defend gridlock in


Bridging Mass Transit's Budget Gap

May 06, 2008

Photo courtesy of Triborough In 1982, Richard Ravitch, then chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, cobbled together $8.5 billion in city, state and federal financing to fund an MTA Capital Plan


Bridging New York's Transit Gap

Apr 21, 2008

Photo (cc) Brooklyn-Queens Greenways GuideNew York City should examine successful Bus Rapid Transit expansions inlarge cities such as Taipei and Bogotá. While U.S. cities such as San Diego and Las


How to Fix Our Transportation Woes -- Without the Fee

Apr 14, 2008

Photo (cc) Fabrizio SalvettiFidler's proposal includes creating taxi stands in busy areas and supporting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Anyone who has seen the horror movie "Carrie" knows that you can't


A Serious Solution for a Serious Problem

Apr 14, 2008

Photo (cc) Brian RosnerLondon's successful congestion pricing plan was initially met with controversy. Last Monday, the New York State legislature declined to vote on congestion pricing and let the deadline