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Breaking the Gridlock on Congestion Pricing

Mar 24, 2008

This article was revised on March 27 to reflect recent developments. In the 11 months since Mayor Michael Bloomberg put forth a plan to charge people to drive in Manhattan on


A Seafaring Commute

Feb 19, 2008

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsed the creation of a citywide ferry service and an expansion of a small business insurance program in her State of the City address last


Helping Old New Yorkers Get Around Town

Feb 06, 2008

Segundo Musse doesn't walk too much anymore. "I got hit by a car and broke both my legs," he said surveying the scene along Manhattan Avenue in the Greenpoint section


Next Steps for Congestion Pricing

Jan 23, 2008

On January 10, the New York City Traffic Mitigation Commission released a series of alternatives to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's original congestion pricing program for the city. The commission is slated


Speeding New York's Buses

Jan 16, 2008

New York City has the most bus riders of any city in the country -- but the slowest and most unreliable buses, according to city officials. Two and a half


A Simpler Alternative to Congestion Pricing

Jan 07, 2008

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal for “congestion pricing” – a fee imposed on driving in Manhattan’s central business district during prime hours – has made it safe at last to discuss


New Bills: Biking On The Boss's Dollar

Oct 09, 2007

At its stated meeting September 25, several council members introduced legislation that makes a business liable when their delivery workers or bike messengers violate traffic regulations. Legislation was also introduced


State of Cycling

Aug 21, 2007

Even in packed subways, high gasoline costs and concerns about health, less than 1 percent of all New Yorkers regularly use their bicycles to commute to work. At


A Divided Council Confronts Congestion Pricing

Aug 06, 2007

In the touch and go, back and forth, here and there negotiations over Mayor Michael Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan, a new player got caught up in the controversy: the City


Compromising on Congestion and Campaign Cash

Jul 23, 2007

Just a few days ago, the world as viewed from the State Capitol and City Hall, looked far different than it does today. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver played his spoiler