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Will the Critics Kill Congestion Pricing?

May 08, 2007

Mayor Michael Bloomberg proved prescient when he introduced congestion pricing in his Earth Day address as “the elephant in the room.” Before Bloomberg even delivered the speech outlining


Taking on the Traffic

May 07, 2007

There are powerful economic reasons for adopting Mayor Michael Bloomberg's congestion pricing policies. Thirty five years ago, I wrote a plan for the Lindsay administration that


The High Costs of Driving - and Parking

May 07, 2007

(Robert) Mosesian in its ambitious bid to establish a new transit financing authority, and (Jane) Jacobsian in its attention to the pedestrian and transit taking majority,


Improve Transit Before Congestion Pricing

May 07, 2007

There are 24 transportation proposals in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plaNYC, but one is getting all the attention: a pilot program to test congestion pricing. The political battle is


Getting the Most from Congestion Pricing

May 07, 2007

Those who have labored a lifetime on the city's environmental fronts were blown away on Earth Day to hear our words articulated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg


Future of Pedicabs Remains Uncertain

Apr 18, 2007

Are bicycle-powered pedicabs just a diversion for tourists or are they a legitimate form of mass transit? Mayor Michael Bloomberg's veto of a bill to regulate the


Finding A Parking Space

Mar 13, 2007

Traffic congestion has been the focus of much recent discussion, but parking actually gets more complaints, according to a Tri-State Transportation Campaign public opinion survey , which last year found


Nightlife, Pedicabs, and the N-word

Mar 05, 2007

Angry pedicab drivers booed and hissed from the balcony at the city council's biweekly stated meeting on February 28th. What was being voted on was important to them. Other


Sustainable Transportation for 2030

Feb 13, 2007

Transportation plays a central role in all three of the central challenges that Mayor Michael Bloomberg said face the city over the next quarter century, as he explained


Confronting the Congestion Crisis

Feb 12, 2007

By Gale Brewer Two pedestrians were killed in my district on the same day last October, one by a city bus, the other by a truck. When I arrived at