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Tough Times for Transit Workers

Dec 11, 2006

Though it happened a year ago, the 60-hour transit strike of 2005 is still very much alive for the members of Transport Workers Union Local 100. --They await the findings

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Stated Meeting – Cleaner, Accessible Taxis; Faster Lobbying Reform

Dec 11, 2006

Every two weeks the New York City Council holds its "Stated Meeting" to introduce and pass legislation. As a regular feature, Gotham Gazette covers these meetings. CLEANER, MORE ACCESSIBLE TAXIS The City

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New Congress Will Move On Transportation

Nov 14, 2006

The election of a new governor and the Democrat's takeover of both the House and Senate bode well for funding of transportation projects in New York City. The bottom

Putting Cars Behind

Oct 16, 2006

Transportation policy today means how to reduce car use. Transportation is not an end in itself. Very good transportation will not make us happy. It is a means

MTA Debt

Oct 13, 2006

Over the past decade, New York’s subway and bus system has shown phenomenal success in attracting increased patronage and helping spur the revitalization of the city. But that success

Transportation And The New Governor

Aug 23, 2006

How would New York City’s transportation system fare under a new governor? Of the three major candidates for the office, Eliot Spitzer, the state attorney general, has laid

Biking It

Jul 18, 2006

The deaths of three bicyclists in traffic accidents in June brought renewed attention to bicycling -- not only as a form of recreation but also of transportation in New York