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Libeskind explained in his presentation that a memorial competition could commission works for several different areas in the space that he has set aside for the memorial. This map shows the sunken memorial area. The space that is marked with a number one is the 4.7 acre space, which includes the footprints of the original twin towers.

Number two is a translucent wall, which Libeskind suggests could be designed in a way that memorializes 9/11. The translucent wall would let light into the underground transportation concourse.

Number three is a special corner of the site where the slurry wall will be exposed the full 70 feet down to bedrock. Number four is a new wall that would be built on the Liberty Street side of the memorial area. This wall could also be a memorial structure.

This spring, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation will begin an international memorial competition to design these elements. Development corporation official Anita Contini will pick from 7 to 11 jurors for the competition in March or April. Contini has said that she plans on having a concrete design for the memorial before September 11, 2004.

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