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The new park (in light green) stretches from West Street to Greenwich Street, and from Liberty Street to Cedar Street, and will also be home to a rebuilt Saint Nicholas Church (marked by a white diamond), which was destroyed on September 11. The shrouded, damaged Deutsche Bank building now stands at 130 Liberty Street, in the middle of the planned park. Rebuilding officials are negotiating a deal to acquire the land. The bank wants to tear down the building and sell the land, but two of the company's insurers are suing to keep the building standing, and renovate it.

The new map also shows changes to the towers' shapes. Libeskind's original plan set its buildings at odd angles from the street. As part of his revision, the architect redrew the base of each tower (shown in blue in the map) so that the buildings sit squarely, parallel to the streets. This will bring shops and restaurants located in the ground floor of the towers closer to people walking by.

"As a result of all the changes, the experience of a visitor walking through the site is likely to be significantly different than it would have been had more of the street-level elements of Mr. Libeskind's earlier plans survived. A pedestrian traveling along the main streets through and around the site would see a wall of buildings much like that in any Manhattan office district," wrote Ed Wyatt in the Times.

The memorial area, in dark green, is the same as the February design, with cultural buildings framing it (marked in pink). The transportation station, marked in yellow, will be designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Overview | A Map of the Design | Underground
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