Commemorating the Second Anniversary of 9/11

City officials have announced their plans for the second anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, including bringing back the "Tribute in Light," the twin beams that marked the forms of the towers in the sky in March 2002.

In a four-hour ceremony confined to Ground Zero, the names of the 2800 attack victims will be read aloud by 200 children of World Trade Center victims, standing and reading in pairs. The bells of the city's houses of worship will toll, and four moments of silence will be honored -- each marking a critical event of the morning of September 11.

A schedule of the commemoration program:

7:00 AM  
Guests may begin to gather at the World Trade Center site. The city has said that priority will be given to victims' family members, but that the public may attend if space allows.

8:30 AM  
The program will begin with a citywide moment of silence.

8:46 AM  
There will be a moment of silence to observe the time that the first plane struck the North Tower, and houses of worship throughout the city will toll their bells. Then, children of September 11 victims will begin reading the names of those killed. While the names are being read, family members will be able to walk down the ramp to the lowest level of the World Trade Center site to lay flowers.

9:03 AM  
There will be a moment of silence to observe the time that the second plane struck the South Tower. Reading of names will then continue, and music will resume.

9:59 AM  
At this time, marking the fall of the South Tower, there will be another moment of silence. The reading of names will then begin again.

10:29 AM
The ceremony's final moment of silence will mark the time that the North Tower fell. Then, the reading of names will continue until they conclude.

12:00 PM
To close the ceremony, two trumpeters (one from the fire department band, the other from the police department) will perform "Taps."

The two beams of the "Tribute of Light" will shine for one night.

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