District 43
Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst

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District 43 - Martin Golden
9002 Third Avenue, Brooklyn 11209
City Hall: (212) 788-7363
District: (718) 238-6044
Fax: (718) 238-6170

Committee Assignments:
Finance, member
Parks & Recreation, member
Public Safety, member
State & Federal Legislation, member

Getting Brooklyn Moving

By Martin J. Golden

Transportation issues have long been a concern for the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Bensonhurst in the 43rd City Council district. Our subway stations need renovation, over 30,000 seniors depend heavily on limited bus service, and our narrow streets are often jammed with traffic and parked cars.

But the last few months have created even more challenges for people who live in Southwest Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is still not fully open as the clean-up of Ground Zero continues. With the Manhattan Bridge under construction, service on the N and R subway lines that run across the bridge and connect Brooklyn to Manhattan has been delayed and overcrowded. Sometimes the trains are rerouted, which adds time to an already long commute. Currently, the communities of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Bensonhurst are serviced by two weekday express bus lines that go directly to Manhattan -- the X 27 and X 28. But because of street closures and traffic in lower Manhattan after September 11, riders who work in midtown saw their commutes increase from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

In October, I met with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and asked them to institute "Midtown only" and "Downtown only" buses so that those working uptown would not be delayed. This has improved the commutes considerably, but I have also asked the MTA to closely monitor these buses, which are extremely overcrowded. We must keep on top of where the needs are, where the service is lacking, and how it can be improved.

I have also called on the Metropolitan Transit Authority to institute weekend express bus service as well, which I believe would be profitable and well used. At this time, the city needs to enhance the opportunities for residents to travel to Manhattan to go to the shows, dine in restaurants, and shop in stores.

Each day, the ferry service that runs from 58th Street in Brooklyn to Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan has also helped over 2,700 people get to work. The Staten Island Ferry boats are currently servicing this location, which has been a tremendous asset to the community. I am working closely with Mayor BloombergŪs administration to see that the service remains in the future.

In addition to transportation, there are other concerns in our community, such as the quality of our schools and public safety.

Since I was elected to the City Council, I have secured $100,000 in order for almost every school in school board 20 to update computer labs. I helped get financing for a new football field at Fort Hamilton High School and a science lab at New Utrecht High School. These are the kinds of changes that we need to make to improve the quality of the education we can offer our students, and I will continue to work for such improvements.

We also must address overcrowding in the classroom. In fact, the most overcrowded school in New York is Public School 104, which is on 92nd Street and 5th Avenue, in my district. As we are all aware, the city budget is tight and will remain tight for some time in the future. Therefore, we need to build partnerships to take advantage of underused buildings in addition to seeking funding for new schools.

One example is the partnership that I helped to facilitate with the Verizon telephone company and the building at 88th Street and 4th Avenue. In a few weeks, the School Board offices will be moving out of P.S. 105 into this new building which will free up much needed classroom space. In addition, the Pre-Kindergarten program will be moving into the building as well, freeing up space at P.S. 104. I believe that partnerships like this will make a difference in these difficult economic times.

I have been able to work with Councilmember Angel Rodriguez, who represents district 38 next to mine, to facilitate and expedite the construction of a new school at P.S. 69. This will also bring about much needed relief for the neighboring schools that are overcrowded. This is a tremendous addition to our community and it will be ready to serve as an educational home in this community starting this summer.

Finally, I am working on addressing issues that will improve the quality of life of this community. Several weeks ago, I kicked off the start of the "Safe Haven" program with the 68th Precinct, the KingŪs County District AttorneyŪs Office, and community school board #20. Under this program, participating stores will display orange, blue, and white decals, so that people, particularly students and seniors, know where they can turn for help in an emergency.

The entire city faces tough and challenging times ahead. We need to seek creative solutions like these to help all of New York recover and rebuild.

Martin Golden represents the 43rd district and serves as Minority Whip for the Republican delegation.

February 4, 2002

Community Boards for District 43
Community Board No. 10 621 86th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 745-6827 Mr. Stephen A. Harrison, Chair Ms. Denise Virga, District Manager Community Board No. 11 2214 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214 (718) 266-8800 Mr. Wm. Guarinello, Chair Mr. Howard Feuer, District Manager

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