2003 City Council Candidates

In 2001, the campaign for New York City Council was often described as "chaos." When term limits kicked 37 of 51 members out of office, over 250 candidates — many who had never run for public office — scrambled for the open seats.

One race in Brooklyn, for example, featured ten candidates including the daughter of a former councilmember, a chemist, a realtor, and a several community activists. Over the course of the campaign, three people were kicked off the ballot, one candidate's 79-year-old mother-in-law got in a shoving match with some campaign workers, and another died of a heart attack.

This year, the race for City Council promises to be a little more sedate.

All 51 incumbents can run again and the biggest source of confusion may be in a race for district 20 in Flushing where a challenger named Jay C. Liu is trying to unseat Councilmember John C. Liu.

Still, as of July 14, a total of 165 candidates filed petions with the Board of Elections. And candidates seeking the Green, Liberal, Libertarian and other smaller party lines are not yet on the official list.

However, voters will not see all of these names on the ballot in the September primary. Over the next few weeks and months, candidates will face off in court as they challenge each others signatures and try to knock one another off the ballot. The Board of Elections determines which candidates will make it on the primary ballot on August 5.

Email Searchlight if you have information about candidates. And look for Gotham Gazette's coverage of the competitive races over the summer.

Primary Day is September 9. The General Election is November 4.

Last Updated July 14, 2003.

District 1

Incumbent:Alan J. Gerson (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Seth Elliott (Rep/Ind)
Peter J. Gleason (Dem)

District 2

Incumbent:Margarita Lopez (Dem)
Challengers: Dan Finley
Jay S. Golub (Rep/Ind)
Mildred R. Martinez (Dem)
Gerard Schriffen (Dem)
Christopher B. Spuches

District 3

Incumbent:Christine C. Quinn (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Stephen M. Evans (Rep/Ind/Con)
Bill Murawski (Dem)

District 4

Incumbent:Eva S. Moskowitz (Dem/Ind)
Challengers:Jak Jacob Karako (Dem)
Michael Cohen (Rep)

District 5

Incumbent:A. Gifford Miller (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Jennifer Arangio (Rep/con/Ind)
Douglas Winston (Rep/Ind)
Craig Milem

District 6

Incumbent:Gale A. Brewer (Dem)
Challengers: Joshua Yablon (Rep/Ind/Con)

District 7

Incumbent:Robert Jackson (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Victor A. Bernace (Dem)
Allen Cox (Ind)
Greg Draves (Rep)
Victor Armando Bernace (Dem)
Pedro Morillo (Dem)

District 8

Incumbent:Philip Reed (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Edwin Marcial (Dem)
Melissa Mark-Viverito (Dem)
Felix Rosado (Dem)
Ruben D. Vargas (Dem)
Woody Henderson (Dem)

District 9

Incumbent:Bill Perkins (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Geoffrey G. Johnson (Dem)
Virginia M. Montague (Dem)
Keisha C. Morrisey (Rep/Ind)

District 10

Incumbent:Miguel Martinez (Dem)
Challengers: Jose Adames (Dem)
Felix Figueroa (Rep/Ind/Con)
Roberto E. Lizardo (Dem)
Ydanis A. Rodriguez (Dem)

District 11

Incumbent:G. Oliver Koppell (Dem/WFP)
Challengers:Alba Sanchez (Rep)
Patrick McManus (Con)

District 12

Incumbent:Larry B. Seabrook (Dem)
Challengers: Curtis Brooks (Con)
Annie Gentle (Rep)
Shirley J. Saunders (Dem)

District 13

Incumbent:Madeline Provenzano (Dem)
Challengers: Ismael Betancourt (Dem)
Andrew Petralia (Dem)
Egidio Sementilli (Dem/Con)

District 14

Incumbent:Maria Baez (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Iris M. Baez (Dem)
Ali Mohamed (Con)
Israel Ruiz Jr. (Dem)
Evelyn Russell (Rep)

District 15

Incumbent:Joel Rivera (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Linda Haehlein (Rep)
Luana M. Rodriguez (Dem/Ind/Con)

District 16

Incumbent:Helen D. Foster (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Kevin Brawley (Con)
Carmen Deponce (Dem)

District 17

Incumbent:Jose M. Serrano (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Agustin Alamo-Estrada (Dem/Ind/Con)

District 18

Incumbent:Pedro Espada Jr. (Dem/Ind)
Challengers: Fabian Feliciano (Rep)
William Newmark (Con)
Annabel Palma (Dem/WFP)
Hilda Hernandez (Dem)

District 19

Incumbent:Tony Avella (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Philip Ragusa (Rep/Con/Ind)

District 20

Incumbent:John C. Liu (Dem/WFP/Ind)
Challengers: Jay C. Liu (Dem)
Isaac M. Sasson (Dem)

District 21

Incumbent:Hiram Monserrate (Dem/WFP/Ind)
Challengers: Luis Jimenez (Dem)

District 22

Incumbent:Peter F. Vallone Jr. (Dem)
Challengers: Gerald F. Kann (Gre)

District 23

Incumbent:David I. Weprin (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: William M. Horowitz (Rep/Con)

District 24

Incumbent:James F. Gennaro (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Florence Fisher (Dem)
Walter Lamp (Con)
David Reich (Dem)

District 25

Incumbent:Helen Sears (Dem)

District 26

Incumbent:Eric N. Gioia (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Patrick J. Hurley (Rep/Con)
Walter Iwachiu (Dem/Rep)

District 27

Incumbent:Leroy G. Comrie (Dem/WFP/Ind)
Challengers: Helen A. Cooper-Gregory (Dem)
Stephen C. Jackson (Dem)

District 28

Incumbent:Allan W. Jennings Jr. (Dem/Con)
Challengers: Stephen S. Jones (Dem)
Garth I. Marchant (Dem)
Yvonne Reddick (Dem)
Inderjit Singh (Dem/Ind)
Carolyn Younger-Nolan (Rep)

District 29

Incumbent:Melinda R. Katz (Dem/WFP)
Challengers:Jon Branning (Dem)

District 30

Incumbent:Dennis P. Gallagher (Rep/Con)

District 31

Incumbent:James Sanders Jr. (Dem/Ind)
Challengers: James Blake (Dem)
Everly D. Brown (Dem/Rep/Con)

District 32

Incumbent:Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Michael Mossa (Rep/Con)
Richard Iritano (Rep)

District 33

Incumbent:David Yassky (Dem/WFP)
Challengers:Stella Harmatiuk (Rep/Con)

District 34

Incumbent:Diana Reyna (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Cesar Estevez (Con)
Juan D. Martinez (Dem)

District 35

Incumbent:James E. Davis (Dem/WFP/Ind)
Challengers: Anthony L. Herbert (Dem)
Abraham E. Wasserman (Con)

District 36

Incumbent:Albert Vann (Dem)
Challengers:Richard Taylor (Dem)

District 37

Incumbent:Erik Martin Dilan (Dem/Ind)
Challengers: Belinda Lindros (Rep/Con)
Nellie R. Santiago (Dem)

District 38

Incumbent:Sara M. Gonzalez (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Danniel S. Maio (Rep/Con/Ind)

District 39

Incumbent:Bill deBlasio (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Gloria Mattera (Gre)
Rosemarie Markgraf (Rep/Con)

District 40

Incumbent:Yvette D. Clarke (Dem/WFP)
Challengers:Kenneth Cook (Rep/Con)

District 41

Incumbent:Tracy Boyland (Dem/Ind)
Challengers: A Brinmore Britton (Rep)
David R. Miller (Dem)

District 42

Incumbent:Charles Barron (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Derek S. Booker (Dem)
Isabelle Jefferson (Rep)
Ernest Johnson (Con)

District 43

Incumbent:Vincent J. Gentile (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Stephen M. Maresca (Rep)
Pasqualino Russo (Rep/Ind/Con)

District 44

Incumbent:Simcha Felder (Dem/Rep/Con)
Challengers:Noach Dear (Dem)

District 45

Incumbent:Kendall B. Stewart (Dem)
Challengers: Omar Boucher (Dem)
Salvatore Grupico (Rep/Con)
Erlene J. King (Dem)
Samuel A. Taitt (Dem)

District 46

Incumbent:Lewis A. Fidler (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Robert Maresca (Con)
Elizabeth Atwood King (Dem)
Susan Goodstein (Rep/Ind)
Elias J. Weir (Dem)

District 47

Incumbent:Domenic M. Recchia Jr. (Dem/WFP)
Challengers: Tony Eisenberg (Dem)
Joseph K. Hochhauser (Dem)
James C. Sutliff (Rep/Ind/Con)

District 48

Incumbent:Michael C. Nelson (Dem)
Challengers:Theodore Alatsas (Rep)
Allen Herschaft (Dem)
Stephen Walters (Con)

District 49

Incumbent:Michael E. McMahon (Dem/WFP/Con)
Challengers: Lisa Giovinazzo (Rep)
John Johnson (Ind)

District 50

Incumbent:James S. Oddo (Rep/Con)
Challengers: Frank T. Fontaino (Dem/Ind)

District 51

Incumbent:Andrew J. Lanza (Rep/Ind/Con)
Challengers:Roehl G. Sybing (Dem)