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Lower Manhattan

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District 1 - Alan Gerson
51 Chambers St. (Suite 429), 10007
District: (212) 788-7722
City Hall: (212) 788-7259
Fax: (212) 788-7727

Committee Assignments:
Lower Manhattan Redevelopment, Chair of Select Committee
Economic Development, member
Parks and Recreation, member
Youth Services, member

Clean Up Before Build Up

Paige Fillion and her five-month-old son Noah live in Independence Plaza in lower Manhattan. They are just two of many residents of downtown who have lived through a collective nightmare and have been affected by the ongoing operations and conditions. From her window, Paige has watched countless times as dust has spilled from trucks bringing debris to the barge at Pier 25.

She is one of the many residents downtown who have reported that she and her family, after all they have been through, still cannot get a good night's sleep because of the 24-hour barge and noise operation. While this is horrendous for anybody, it is a special burden on those who went through the trauma of 9/11.

Paige is one of the many residents from the Battery north to lower Greenwich Village who are uncertain as to whether or not the asbestos fibers, the dust and particles, which we know have been spread by the plumes and the explosion of 9/11, have been adequately cleaned up and removed. It is in their air conditioning systems, the nooks and crannies of the apartments where people live, where children go to school, the parks where kids play, and the sidewalks where people walk to conduct their daily lives.

Our city and our city agencies have faced of unprecedented burdens. My hat is off to the men and the women who measured up to the task in the days following 9/11. We commend them for what they did.

But we also know that more still needs to be done. We are not going to build up downtown until we clean up downtown. Every concern of people in the area should be fully addressed immediately. There is no longer any excuse or any need for delay.

I would like city agencies to consider four very specific needs.

One is the need to ensure that every part of downtown has been cleaned up, with fiber and dust eliminated from the air filters, air conditioners, and every part of apartments. The Department of Environmental Protection has offered free testing of lead and water to individual apartments; should there not be a similar plan or program that monitors and insures that on an apartment-by-apartment basis that everything is satisfactorily cleaned up? We were attacked. We know that. The landmines that are left after the attack are the asbestos fibers and dust and particles that wait to explode in the lungs of our children and persons of all ages. Should not the government take on the responsibility of ensuring these landmines and contaminants are removed fully?

Second, in previous instances, city agencies, such as the Department of Environmental Protection, have made provisions for "community consultants," trained professionals who work directly with the communities and are able to interpret technical and other difficult data for them. Can we not have a similar situation or program under the current conditions?

Third, as the debris continues to be removed, should we in the community not ask for environmentally sound clean-up procedures? We would like the trucks to use natural gas, if possible. And we are calling for state-of the-art dust suppression technology, not just sanitation trucks hosing down our streets with water.

Finally, there is the issue of barge where the debris is shipped out of Manhattan. It is time to move the barge from Pier 25 at West Street. If there ever was a need to locate it there in the aftermath of the emergency, we can no longer justify keeping that operation directly opposite 1,300 residential units, directly opposite the vicinity of elementary, middle and high schools and a community college with the very people whose lungs are most susceptible to the dust and fibers.

Adapted from the opening statement of Councilmember Alan Gerson at a March 8, 2002 City Council hearing on the environmental conditions after the September 11 attacks. Posted March 11, 2002.

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